VMWorld - Las Vegas

September 15-18, 2008

Attend VMWorld to learn about Cisco and Intel collaboration with unified fabric and virtualization. Visit the Cisco booth to attend the Cisco and Intel "Unified Networking in the Data Center" theatre session. You will learn how an end-to-end unified fabric solution can be delivered today through open standards using technologies such as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Ethernet, and understand the role these technologies play in Cisco and Intel's vision of next-generation, virtualized data centers. You will get a detailed understanding of unified networking and FCoE. Learn about the business benefits of deploying these technologies including:

  • Simplified infrastructure by enabling new servers to access the SAN without connecting directly to the Fibre Channel network.
  • Preservation of existing management infrastructure.
  • Reduced power consumption due to the smaller number of network interfaces and switches used with FCoE in server rooms.

Finally, you will learn how these technologies apply to and benefit virtualization in the data center through more powerful multicore servers and virtualization's support of higher workload levels.

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Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.