Not-for-Profit Hospital Delivers Better Patient Care with Mobility

Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) improves clinical workflow efficiency with Cisco® Mobility solutions and Intel® Centrino® processor technology. SAMC’s previous wireless networks had been designed to support a small set of clinical applications, and as the health system's needs evolved, the network could not provide the coverage and reliability that clinicians required for VoIP throughout the facility. In the hospital’s highly mobile and collaborative environment, nurses and medical staff do extensive work while in motion throughout the facility. “Wireless infrastructure was going to play a crucial role in providing true mobility throughout the facility for our clinicians so we needed an infrastructure that was highly reliable, easy to manage, and resilient for voice and other patient-care applications,” says Scott Lapham, network engineer at SAMC.

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University Medical System Sees 6X Wireless Performance Boost

Cisco and Intel help University of Michigan Health Systems (UMHS) migrate to 802.11n to expand capacity and coverage. As wireless has become more important to the healthcare system, the technology limitations of the existing 802.11a solution have become more visible and challenging to overcome. UMHS needs to evolve its wireless LAN (WLAN) to:

  • Meet the requirements for voice, data, and location services
  • Support old and new devices (mixed radio types)
  • Enable the introduction of new mobile services for mobile X-ray machines, location, voice over WLAN, and others
  • Allow wireless access for high-bandwidth applications such as the picture archiving and communication system (WebPACS) used by radiology.

Seeing that the healthcare system was outgrowing its 802.11a solution, Cisco proposed a pilot deployment of 802.11n access points. The evolution of the industry standards for WLANs offered UMHS a higher-performance network as well as enhanced roaming capability that could essentially extend the coverage areas and reliability of connections for the access points. “The best part about our project was how well Cisco and Intel worked together. They realize that wireless is a system—Cisco looks beyond its part, as does Intel, to make sure that everything works together, consistently and reliably,” says Kalpesh Unadkat, Lead Network Engineer.

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Cisco Drives Innovation in Healthcare with Enhanced Mobility Solutions, Industry Collaboration

Cisco® announced today that it has enhanced its Mobility Healthcare portfolio with a set of integrated solutions designed to rapidly improve patient care and staff productivity for healthcare organizations around the globe. The integrated solutions combine Cisco's Unified Wireless Network with new Cisco Compatible Extensions and technology partner offerings in the areas of Mobile Care and Location-Aware services, as well as to Cisco's Secure Wireless foundation, to address the primary concerns of healthcare professionals today.

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Intel and Cisco WLAN Deployment Guide for Healthcare

Mobile technologies have demonstrated maturity in large enterprises, empowering workers and boosting productivity by greatly increasing access to tools and information. Adoption of mobile technologies continues to increase, with wireless networks becoming nearly ubiquitous in Fortune 5001 campus environments.

Many forward-looking healthcare provider organizations are deploying mobile solutions to help improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and clinical outcomes. These include mobile point-of care (MPOC) solutions that combine mobile devices, mobilized applications, and wireless infrastructure to support delivery of healthcare to the patient.

Intel and Cisco have a long cooperative relationship in the design and deployment of WLANs. This guide refers exclusively to Intel and Cisco technologies and equipment. Intel Centrino processor technology wireless clients seamlessly integrate into the Cisco Unified Wireless Network with support for a jointly produced set of features called the Business-Class Wireless Suite (BCWS).

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Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.

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