Transforming the Retail Sector – METRO Group

Large retailers operate in an extremely challenging environment: margins continually shrink, competition is increasing, and customer expectations are expanding. Multiple new technologies will clearly change the industry significantly. But determining which technologies are key, and how to deploy them cost effectively, is a major challenge.

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Faster logistics through EPC RFID-based inventory management

Understand the impact of RFID and wireless on the retail environment and the cost-effective potential of emerging technologies.

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Somerfield case study: Extended retail solutions

UK grocery retailer Somerfield identified key strategic initiatives by working in collaboration with the Extended Retail Solutions team from Capgemini, Intel, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft in a unique interactive forum.

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Cisco and Intel deliver RFID solution to Vtech

Cisco Systems and Intel Corporation have announced that telecom firm VTech has selected their RFID solution to comply with Wal-Mart's new technology directive.

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Capgemini retail solutions

Extended Retail Solutions (ERS) is a joint initiative from Capgemini, Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft that enables retailers to better meet consumer values in the areas of experience, service, and access. The foundation is an adaptive architecture approach for an open-standards-based in-store infrastructure built on a Cisco Powered Network.

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Design a custom solution for your business

The Cisco Solution Designer demonstrates how 'SMB Class Solutions' (e.g. Network Foundation, Security) and 'Industry-specific Solutions' (e.g. Banking, Healthcare) may be successfully deployed in organizations with 1000 or fewer network users.

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Extended retail solutions. Transforming retail through the power of four

Shaping the future for smarter retailing using the power of people, processes, and technology to transform the customer experience, store operations, and the supply chain.

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Is it possible to manage retail in real time?

Is it possible to manage retail in real time? Yes. Intel and Cisco can help you transform retail.

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Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.

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