Open Patent Alliance Formed to Advance WiMAX 4G Technology

June 9, 2008

On June 9th, Cisco and Intel jointly issued a press release with Alcatel-Lucent, Clearwire, Samsung and Sprint, to announce the formation of the Open Patent Alliance (OPA). Senior executives from each company in the alliance held a live CiscoTV webcast for press and analysts.

The objective of the OPA is to stimulate more innovation and new entrants into the WiMAX ecosystem to facilitate the widespread implementation and adoption of the WiMAX standard. The OPA will form a ‘patent pool’ to enable companies in the WiMAX ecosystem with easier access to patent licenses at a more predictable cost.

The OPA will also offer a competitive open intellectual property rights model, thus enabling a larger, more competitive WiMAX industry that offers broader choice and lower equipment and service costs for WiMAX technology, devices and applications globally. WiMAX is a 4G, IP-based broadband wireless technology that provides low-cost, multi-megabit speed and greater throughput for the mobile Internet era of video-rich content and bandwidth-intensive applications. It is based on the IEEE 802.16e standard.

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Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.