Technology Overview

Deliver enhanced security features to the enterprise

Cisco and Intel, working together to provide robust security and manageability solutions for the enterprise, have developed complementary technologies -- Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) and Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) -- to deliver enhanced security features such as increased network access security and improved remote manageability.

These technologies deliver enhanced security features such as increased network access security and improved remote manageability when using Cisco infrastructure with Intel products.

Cisco NAC

Network Admission Control (NAC), a set of technologies and solutions built on an industry initiative led by Cisco Systems, uses the network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices seeking to access network computing resources, thereby limiting damage from emerging security threats.

Cisco NAC helps customers identify, prevent, and adapt to security threats by:

  • Dramatically improve security compliance
  • Extending existing IT investment
  • Increasing enterprise resilience

Intel® AMT

Intel® AMT is part of Intel's Digital Office initiative, providing capabilities to make new levels of IT manageability possible.

  • Discover hardware and software computing assets
  • Heal systems remotely regardless of operating system state
  • Protect the enterprise against malicious attacks

A combination of strengths

Day-zero virus and worm invasions continue to disrupt business, causing downtime and continual patching. Working closely together presents an opportunity to make desktop and mobile clients work more seamlessly with the network. Bringing together Cisco and Intel's strengths, this collaboration enables enterprises to use networks and computers as a combined defense against security threats.

The IT benefits of Cisco NAC interoperating with Intel® AMT are clear:

  • Maintain user and business productivity
  • Reduce the cost of security attacks
  • Improve system remediation

Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.

Deploy WLANs with confidence

A guide to secure end-to-end wireless LAN solutions.

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