Business Class Wireless Suite

Give your business the traditional strengths of a wired LAN in a wireless environment with the Business Class Wireless Suite. Integrated wireless LAN solutions using Intel® Centrino® mobile technology and Cisco® Unified Wireless Network enable new applications and higher performance.

As the lead collaborator in the Cisco Compatible Extensions program, Intel and Cisco combine at the product level to create interoperable enterprise-class solutions. The alliance is actively participating in wireless standards to accelerate progress (IEEE, Wi-Fi Alliance, IETF).

Cisco and Intel currently offer one of the most innovative suites of WLAN features and technology for notebook PCs in the industry.

Optimal AP Selection Technology

Expand the capabilities of your Wireless LAN with technologies to increase bandwidth capacity that can enhance the data, voice, video throughput for your demanding applications.

Enhanced VoIP Quality Technology

Enhance your VoIP softphone experience with expanded quality of service features and enhanced call clarity delivering a richer call experience.

Feature Description and Benefits

Optimal AP Selection Technology*

Improves client and network performance by more efficient and proactive roaming to most optimal Access Point. As a result, traffic is load balanced across AP’s.

Enhanced VoIP Quality Technology*

Enhances VoIP call quality by reserving bandwidth for voice traffic using 802.11e QoS.

Provides improved metrics to VoIP softphone clients. Optimized softphone clients can then automatically change behaviour in response to changing network conditions.

Supports wideband codecs to improve call clarity.

* Requires Intel® Centrino® mobile technology with Intel® PROSet/Wireless v10.x software and Cisco Unified Wireless Architecture.

Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.

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