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Videos-on-Demand and Webcasts


  • Interactive demo on Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology 
  • Recommendations for deploying wireless LAN 
  • Business Class Wireless Suite Flash Demo 

White Papers

  • Intel and Cisco WLAN Deployment Guide for Healthcare 
  • Deploying 802.11n for Multimedia-Ready Networks 
  • Deploying 802.11n for Environments with Multiple Client Devices 
  • Deploying 802.11n in Demanding RF Environments 
  • Deploying 802.11n for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications 
  • The Next Generation of Wireless: 802.11n for the Business 
  • Business benefits of wireless computing 
  • Cisco wireless hotspots for guest access 
  • Standardizing on wireless LANs 
  • The wireless office 
  • Wireless LAN as the Primary Network 
  • 5 myths of Wireless Networks 

Case Studies

  • Not-for-Profit Hospital Delivers Better Patient Care with Mobility 
  • British Gas: Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology 
  • Cisco deploys WLAN to increase productivity 
  • Customer success story: McMillan Binch, LLP 
  • Eastman Chemicals: Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology 
  • Ironman*: Going the distance with Intel® Technologies 
  • Ironman*: Going the distance with Intel® Technologies 
  • Jerusalem unwired 
  • Stockholm public transport: Wi-Fi 
  • Westminster: Cisco WLAN technology 
  • Case study on City of Dayton, OH 
  • Primary Wireless Packet Article 


  • Cisco and Intel Improve Mobile Performance with Next-Generation 802.11n Wireless At-A-Glance 
  • A guide to secure, end-to-end wireless LAN solutions 
  • Discovering mobilized software 
  • Go mobile to help your small/medium business grow 
  • Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology: How business heavyweights stay light on their feet 
  • Seven critical mistakes to avoid when setting up a wireless network 
  • The Primary Wireless Campus 

Solution Guides

  • A guide to secure, end-to-end wireless LAN solutions. 
  • Cisco compatible extensions program for wireless LAN (WLAN) client devices 
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network 
  • Find the right PC 
  • Wireless LAN campus solution 
  • Wireless LAN computing strategies 
  • Wireless mobility builds tight collaboration between students and teachers 
  • Wireless Mesh solution brochure for local government 

The Total Economic Impact of Increasing Enterprise Notebook Adoption


Intel Corporation commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by increasing notebook PC adoption across the organization. The aim of this study is to examine how organizations justify increased notebook PC adoption across different groups within the organization. This study illustrates the financial impact of an organization increasing its notebook PC adoption by examining the incremental costs and benefits of such an increase. In conducting in-depth interviews with six customers, Forrester found that by increasing notebook PC adoption these companies achieved increased productivity among employees of varying levels of mobility, improved relocation cost savings, as well as efficiencies in disaster recovery and employee retention.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Increasing Enterprise Notebook Adoption (281KB PDF)
  • Intel Workplace Mobility Study - TEI Report (199KB PDF)


Taking the Alliance to a new level

With two new technology collaborations, Cisco and Intel are taking their strategic alliance to a new level.

Business Class Wireless Suite

Give your business the strengths of a wired LAN in a wireless environment.

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